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Need Contract Therapist Staffing in Mid-Missouri? ? (Columbia, Jefferson City, Moberly, Mexico, Booneville, and more)

Mid-MO Monkey

“Oops! Did I forget to tell you?”

Client:  Do you happen to have any contract therapists available in Columbia, Missouri?


Me:  Absolutely!  That’s where we started, and have quite the good market there.


Client:  Really?  I just talked with PEGs to see if they could get anyone out there.  What are you doing to let people know that you guys are there?


Me:  Primarily word of mouth and trade shows (until this blog post, of course).


Client:  I’ll give the rehab director your number…she’ll call you.


This conversation, although it happened about a year ago, still resonates with me today.  This was a client we have helped with temporary therapist staffing in other portions of Missouri…so why didn’t they think of us?


Quite frankly, the conversation got me pissed.  At first, I was mad at the client – which lasted all of a few seconds – and then at myself, for not doing a better job of getting the word out regarding our contract therapist staffing abilities in Mid-Missouri.


Now that I look back, I’m thankful this conversation transpired, and even more grateful for the client’s honesty.  Why?  It made me realize how much more work I’ve got to do; more marketing, branding, and recruitment in what has always been, and still is, our best market.


Was I fearful of a competitor coming to the middle of Missouri and taking our business?  Heck no.  And for those matters, I’m going to list all of the contract therapist staffing companies that can service the Mid-Missouri area.  I’m not talking about what seems to be the hundreds of different travel staffing companies, but temporary contract therapist staffing.  Not every facility needs a PT, OT, or SLP for 40 hours a week for 13 weeks. J


Here goes…

  1. Agency ABC.  ABC is a fictitious company.  From everything I have heard from clients, therapists, and more, a temporary therapist staffing company did not exist in Mid Missouri until we arrived.  Researching on Google proves the same.  Crazy, isn’t it?
  2. Metropolitan Health Staffing Network.  Yes, that’s us, and I don’t intend to brag.  After all, the intent of this blog post is to list all of the temporary contract therapist staffing companies in the Mid-Missouri region.  And we’ve been staffing temporary PTs, OTs, and SLPs in Mid-Missouri since we launched in 2010.


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So there you go.  I hope this helps you personally and professionally – whether you’re a therapist, or a facility in need…or the competition looking for a new market. ;)  And BTW – I’ll update the post once I learn of any additional contract therapist staffing agencies in Mid Missouri.Do you know of any others?


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